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Yes, it’s late and I need to get to bed, but since we are well into spring, and I haven’t posted anything except replies to comments, I figure I better give y’all a little update. My friend, Lazy Gardener, was a little concerned that I’d given up on gardening, but as I told her in the comments below, that is far, far from the case! I may even be going overboard!  As a matter of fact, the reason I haven’t posted is cuz I’ve been so busy getting my garden going!

Right now I have two new 4×4 SFGs planted with 2 tomato plants, 3 sweet basil plants, and seeds of lettuce, carrot, thai basil, sweet bell pepper, summer squash, Kentucky wonder beans and borage, and I’ll be adding some garlic and onions as soon as I get a hold of bulbs to plant. And I planted several strawberry plants in containers. I also overhauled the 2 SFGs I started last year, ripping out the make-shift frames I made and building honest-to-god cedar frames (I also built cedar frames for the 4x4s also, all by mah own little self, I’m tellin’ ya!).  I’ve planted malabar seeds from last year’s malabar plants, and I’m excited to see if they sprout. The other SFG will have corn, amaranath and cool soup beans I bought from Seeds of Change, and then I’m going to do an experimental raised bed next to it using the Lasagna Gardening technique and planting some more B-nut squash with more beans and borage.

And then I went nuts and started a big old flower bed, with native, drought-resistant flowers, herbs and fruiting shrubs, like goji berry, Texas wolfberry and maybe blueberry! I didn’t do a raised bed, rather I rototilled the sod and amended the soil. I haven’t planted everything in there yet, but will try to finish planting this weekend, after the (hope, hope, pray, pray) rain that the weather peeps are forecasting to swoop in on our parched soil here in Austin.  And then I’ll be planting an herb bed, also with the Lasagna Garden method. Whew!

Anywho, I’ve taken a humongous leap in planting this year, and hope I haven’t overdone it (or myself), but I am excited to see how it all goes! Will give ya’ll an update with pix and more detailed info soon!


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