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If you’ve either been to this blog in the past, or you’re just newly arrived, you’ll note that I haven’t posted a dadgum thing on this blog in over a year. Yes, I’m still alive, and yes, my garden is still alive (even in this hot, dry Texas summer), I’ve just been, well, kinda busy with other things. But not to fret! There is a brand new site that I have created where I will continue posting about my garden and other observations about my life.  So, for your reading (dis-)pleasure, I announce the new and improved, latest and greatest, state of the art, promises to brighten your colors and whiten your whites, FDA-approved (not really, just kidding FDA) blogging site (drum roll please) —

The Half-Baked Gardener.com!!!!!

In it you’ll find some of the same schtuff you’ve come to know and love about this blog – gardening tips and untips, funky yet tasty and healthy recipes, humor, the occasional semi-serious riff, etc., etc. However, I will be expanding a bit on other random observations about my life and life in general, but it will usually be funny, or at least as funny as my current humor writing skills will allow. Occasionally I might get serious, but I’ll try not to be that way for long.

Originally I intended this new site to be a commercialized (read some garden-related advertising, useful gardening stuff for sale, etc.) of this site (since I can’t do commercialized stuff on WordPress.com) and it still might become that, but right now it’s just straight blogging, and I’m not completely sure which direction it’s going – you can read more about this dilemma on the new site. However, I will try to make it as entertaining and informative as I can, and I hope you will enjoy it. And if it does become commercialized, I promise, I promise, I promise that it won’t become obnoxious (or at least as unobnoxious as I can make it), nor will you ever, ever receive spam from me or anybody I might partner with. My (commercial and writing) model is The Bloggess (though not the exact same humor – I don’t know if I can ever hope to be as wonderfully wacky as she is), so if you enjoy her site, you might enjoy mine.

Anywho, enough said! If you want more absurdity in your gardening and other endeavors, I hope you’ll stop by the Half-Baked Gardener and check it out!



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