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Egads — has it really been 3 months since I last posted?! My friend Ms. E enquired if there would be another Zippy post with the advent of my fall gardenings, and I kinda hemmed and hawed about that. Then I just got a comment on a post from last fall, and I thought, ya know, I’d best get with the program, cuz my adoring public (all one or two of them) is gonna think I quit gardening or something. And no, you can rest assured that I have not quit gardening — far from it!

In fact I spent almost elebenty elebenty something dollars (fer those of you who know lolspeak, you know that means much monies) this past weekend at my fave gardening place in the whole world, Natural Gardener. I went absaluttely frackin’ nuts. I loooove cilantro, and I wound up buying so much that I filled my newest 2×4 SFG with it. Of course, I never intended to fill that SFG with cilantro — I’d even bought all kinds of greens to go in same new SFG. Instead, I had to find room somewhere in my already other bulging beds to plant the greens — geesh! But in truth my little heart is pleased to have so much cilantro. Plus it’s a good detoxing herb! So, black beans with cilantro, cilantro soup, cilantro pesto, salsa with cilantro, whatever else can come with cilantro, here I come!

I was also pleased to find Mel’s Mix at Natural Gardener, already mixed up. Cost me $15.95 each (over $30 total) for two 2 cubic foot bags, but man, was it worth it! All I had to do was dump it in my SFG, spread it out and plant my cilantro, and I was good to go! As I told the guy at NG who carried my bags, “I’m so glad y’all have this now, cuz it’s a pain in the butt to make!”

So if any of you Central Texas SFG gardeners are tired of making yer own Mel’s Mix or yer a newbie who’s intimidated at the thought of making it, get yerself out to Natural Gardener and get you some already made! It’s expensive, but the time (and the back) you save making it are indeed worth the dinero, trust me! It’s also environmentally friendly, made with coir instead of peat moss, which spared me any ethical dilemmas like I went through last year.

Anyway, that’s about it fer now. I do have to add that as soon as September rolled around things cooled off and we finally got bunches of rain, which did wonders for my poor little veggies and flowers. Even my tomato plant came back to life, and I really thought it was done with. Now I’ve got bunches of new little cherry tomatoes on the vine. And my malabar became even more of a monster than it was last year, so much so that I’m having trouble keeping the trellis it’s growing on from falling completely over! And I have more regular basil and Thai basil than you can comprehend — pesto, anyone? I’m going to have to give my friends some before the first freeze to the year gets them.

So that’s it for the time being — I’ll try to post at least a little more frequently, and get y’all some pix of the fall garden. Till then, hasta la vista bebe!


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